The Night time shower

Good evening (to those in my time zone and morning/afternoon to those who aren’t!)

Tonight I thought I would share my night time shower ritual I have been digging for the past couple of days. As much as I adore a shower in the morning, I find a night time one can also allow me to rinse the dirt of the day off and go to bed feeling all new. I find with night time showers I can reflect on the day (whether that be a busy day or a very lazy one) and I am able to just let go of any stress that is locked up in my locks- pardon the pun.


These are the products I have been using in this quick and easy ritual.

Firstly, after burning on holiday (whoops) I have found some of my skin has begun to peel which is so very gross but must be dealt with. The Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub is gorgeous for doing any hardcore exfoliating. It has these massive chunks of seal salt that truly get rid of any dead skin and this fresh scent that is very uplifting but also relaxing at the same time- an absolute god send. Also, I find this scrub leaves a gorgeous oily residue that washes off to leave the softest of skin. It is quite pricey at £20 but lasts an absolute lifetime.

The next stage is this Soap And Glory Sugar Crush sweet lime shower jelly. This has the must refreshing scent- it is limes but with a truly sweet tinge and I love that it isn’t too overpowering. I rarely steer away from The Body Shop shower gels as they are the only ones that I find leave my skin soft and don’t dry me out. HOWEVER, this shower jelly has managed to do the same! It is a lovely silky feel and leaves my skin just as smooth as The Body Shop gels. Definitely worth a go if you like the Lush jelly as this is such a more practical packaging! It is only £4.50 at the moment in Boots as it is on offer so definitely worth grabbing.

And finally- The Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil. I am someone who loves oils but tends to go for more dry oils when moisturising my body. This one is like a real greasy oil but sinks in if you give it 5 minutes and OH MY GOODNESS it has converted me. It has a lovely warm scent that gets you ready for the evening and also leaves a gorgeous shine to your skin. This one is £16 and can also be used on the hair!

Thanks for reading guys!



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