Cleanser love

Hello everyone!

So recently I have been doing a lot of cleanser searching. A few weeks back I found I much preferred removing my make up with a muslin cloth with a cleanser instead of using a make up wipe as it is much gentler on my face. Because of this I have been on a bit of a cleanser binge!

The first one, I purchased a few days ago. It is The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. One thing I love about their Camomile range is the scent (not as prominent in the liquid make up removers or liquid oil). The butter has this amazing, fresh and yet still warm at the same time. It is also made with camomile extract from Norfolk in England which I also love! I found you do need quite a bit of the butter to remove your make up but, when applied to dry skin, it does have this melting effect on make up! I am yet to try it on waterproof make up. The only thing with this product is the price- it retails at £13.00 which is quite pricey compared to my other cleansers which are around the £5-£10 price. However, everyone has their own budget and idea on what to spend so it really is a personal decision. At the moment, I am digging it!


The next one is the Lush Let The Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser. I was in a Lush shop recently and it was my girlfriend who actually pointed this out to me because of the smell. Now, I am an absolute sucker for the smell of cinnamon and adore ANYTHING that has it as a prominent smell (yes, Christmas is an amazing time for these products haha!). It is made of corn, polenta, maize and cinnamon (including some other bits and bobs) and honestly the smell won me over so I had to try it! Because of this cleansers texture I am less likely to use this one to remove my make up- it has grains in it and I much prefer a smooth texture like that of my Camomile cleanser or the Loreal extraordinary oil! However, I use it as my post make up removing cleanser (yep, apparently that is a skincare step now) and I love it! It leaves my skin very smooth and sometimes I don’t need to pop a moisturiser on after and it has this smell, OH MY THIS SMELL. This one was a little less pricey at £7.50 but still, depends on your own personal budget.


Thanks guys and I hope you like this post- please please let me know what cleansers you use so I can try them out!


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