My saviours

Good evening everyone

It is super cold where I am this evening and it reminded me I still had some lovely little things to discuss here on the blog! This is a little sneak peak of the things that keep my skin relatively sane during the winter period.

I find this time of year the most cosy, heartwarming and fun but it does hurt my skin. Normally people tend to dry out in the winter time with the harsh winds and cold weather but mine tends to get more prone to spots. I think this is a problem of trying to balance my combined skin and also protecting it by putting on really thick face creams.



For my lips, Carmex and EVE LOM have saved the day. EVE LOM is pretty much all menthol and it is absolutely wonderful for when you want to wear matte liquid lipsticks and other heavy duty lip products. The great thing about this product is you can pop it over your lipstick once it has been applied and it manages somehow to moisturise through it… don’t ask me how… it just does. Carmex is a classic that I think everyone has tried! I have actually never used Carmex before but this Skinny Dip one is lush! It has a lovely scent and isn’t too sticky. This is my go to when I am not wearing any lipstick or for just before bed.



This beauty has saved the day (or face…) multiple times. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream! It is lovely, it has no scent whatsoever, which I really like in a face cream, it goes on like a dream and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too greasy. I use this both day and night because I always find night creams way too greasy for my skin. The only time I wouldn’t recommend this is if you have really sensitive skin. It has quite a heavy feel when it first goes on (it does eventually sink in) but I think it may just cause people with sensitive skin to break out.



For my hands I have used a trusty favourite! The lush charity pot is cheap and cheerful, easy to apply, smells soothing and doesn’t take a century to sink it. It has hit all the right boxes for a winter hand cream. Also, by buying a pot, you’re doing a little bit of good so hey ho!

Hope you enjoyed ❤


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