Hello again, let’s relax

Good evening all

I am writing this as a much needed break away from university work. Lots of (exciting) things are occurring in my life at the moment and with that, comes some much needed relaxing time! I am enjoying being kept busy and watching plans fall into place but I needed an escape, a way to rest my mind and do something I enjoy. That’s when I thought back to how much I loved this blog and everything on it. One consistency in my life throughout the past couple of years has been the beauty world and everything about it; the way make up has the power to make me feel so great about myself, the impact a good skincare routine can have on my everyday anxieties and… guiltily… I will admit I do love a beauty world scandal! What can I say, I am fully invested.

So to welcome myself back and ease my way in, I thought I would start with a post about how my skincare routine has helped in times of anxiety. It sounds odd and probably slightly dramatic but it is true. Having a consistent skincare routine that makes me feel in control of something and gives me an opportunity to wind down has really helped me. Raise a hand if you totally understand me or feel free to whizz past this post if I seem absolutely mad…



Here they are in all their glory… and in front of a salt lamp that is a fairly new addition to my room and I adore it. Please get used to seeing it. Like all the time.

Before using these products I wash and cleanse my face with two products. However, I do that every night and in the bathroom so for some reason it doesn’t feel like it is part of my wind down time. These little beauties are for when my lights are low and I am about to fling myself into bed for the evening.

Once my face is clean and cleansed, I start with the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion from the Body Shop. It is a strange product. Basically, it is meant to slowly release moisture over 12 hours for those with dry skin but without leaving a greasy layer. I just like that it makes my skin feel ‘tacky’ and ready for my oils and creams! I place one drop on the tips of my fingers and massage in well.

Then, I use the Aromatic Tangerine Oil from Darphin. I love it. I love it. I love it. It is like a dry oil so doesn’t leave that horrible greasy feeling but at the same time it glides so easily over my skin I know it is leaving it nice and hydrated. The smell is to die for. Honestly, I would use it for the smell alone. Again, one drop onto the tips of my fingers and then massage in well.


Then I move onto my Aloe Night Cream from the Body Shop. I love it because it does what it says on the tin. No fragrance, just pure, soft hydration. It’s low priced and lasts a long old time. If you prefer to use oils and sprays for your fragrance fix I would highly recommend this night cream.

The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is the final step for my facial skincare. I just spray three times and it leaves a lovely cooling sensation. Oddly relaxing.

Finally, for the pulse points such as my neck and wrists, I place Lush Sleepy Cream. It means that occasionally I roll over whilst trying to fall asleep in bed and get the dreamiest of scents.

It is simple, it is low priced and it makes my mindset before bed calm. I have tried headspace, night time yoga, meditation, praying to every sleep God under the sun and honestly, none of the millennial tricks help me. My mind just seems to be a constant buzz of information. But having control over this simple routine has left me feeling wonderful and sleeping much easier.

It’s lovely to be back. I plan on posting twice a week! Please let me know if this is the sort of content you enjoy on here as it’s been a while.




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