Hello again, let’s relax

Good evening all

I am writing this as a much needed break away from university work. Lots of (exciting) things are occurring in my life at the moment and with that, comes some much needed relaxing time! I am enjoying being kept busy and watching plans fall into place but I needed an escape, a way to rest my mind and do something I enjoy. That’s when I thought back to how much I loved this blog and everything on it. One consistency in my life throughout the past couple of years has been the beauty world and everything about it; the way make up has the power to make me feel so great about myself, the impact a good skincare routine can have on my everyday anxieties and… guiltily… I will admit I do love a beauty world scandal! What can I say, I am fully invested.

So to welcome myself back and ease my way in, I thought I would start with a post about how my skincare routine has helped in times of anxiety. It sounds odd and probably slightly dramatic but it is true. Having a consistent skincare routine that makes me feel in control of something and gives me an opportunity to wind down has really helped me. Raise a hand if you totally understand me or feel free to whizz past this post if I seem absolutely mad…



Here they are in all their glory… and in front of a salt lamp that is a fairly new addition to my room and I adore it. Please get used to seeing it. Like all the time.

Before using these products I wash and cleanse my face with two products. However, I do that every night and in the bathroom so for some reason it doesn’t feel like it is part of my wind down time. These little beauties are for when my lights are low and I am about to fling myself into bed for the evening.

Once my face is clean and cleansed, I start with the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion from the Body Shop. It is a strange product. Basically, it is meant to slowly release moisture over 12 hours for those with dry skin but without leaving a greasy layer. I just like that it makes my skin feel ‘tacky’ and ready for my oils and creams! I place one drop on the tips of my fingers and massage in well.

Then, I use the Aromatic Tangerine Oil from Darphin. I love it. I love it. I love it. It is like a dry oil so doesn’t leave that horrible greasy feeling but at the same time it glides so easily over my skin I know it is leaving it nice and hydrated. The smell is to die for. Honestly, I would use it for the smell alone. Again, one drop onto the tips of my fingers and then massage in well.


Then I move onto my Aloe Night Cream from the Body Shop. I love it because it does what it says on the tin. No fragrance, just pure, soft hydration. It’s low priced and lasts a long old time. If you prefer to use oils and sprays for your fragrance fix I would highly recommend this night cream.

The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is the final step for my facial skincare. I just spray three times and it leaves a lovely cooling sensation. Oddly relaxing.

Finally, for the pulse points such as my neck and wrists, I place Lush Sleepy Cream. It means that occasionally I roll over whilst trying to fall asleep in bed and get the dreamiest of scents.

It is simple, it is low priced and it makes my mindset before bed calm. I have tried headspace, night time yoga, meditation, praying to every sleep God under the sun and honestly, none of the millennial tricks help me. My mind just seems to be a constant buzz of information. But having control over this simple routine has left me feeling wonderful and sleeping much easier.

It’s lovely to be back. I plan on posting twice a week! Please let me know if this is the sort of content you enjoy on here as it’s been a while.




My saviours

Good evening everyone

It is super cold where I am this evening and it reminded me I still had some lovely little things to discuss here on the blog! This is a little sneak peak of the things that keep my skin relatively sane during the winter period.

I find this time of year the most cosy, heartwarming and fun but it does hurt my skin. Normally people tend to dry out in the winter time with the harsh winds and cold weather but mine tends to get more prone to spots. I think this is a problem of trying to balance my combined skin and also protecting it by putting on really thick face creams.



For my lips, Carmex and EVE LOM have saved the day. EVE LOM is pretty much all menthol and it is absolutely wonderful for when you want to wear matte liquid lipsticks and other heavy duty lip products. The great thing about this product is you can pop it over your lipstick once it has been applied and it manages somehow to moisturise through it… don’t ask me how… it just does. Carmex is a classic that I think everyone has tried! I have actually never used Carmex before but this Skinny Dip one is lush! It has a lovely scent and isn’t too sticky. This is my go to when I am not wearing any lipstick or for just before bed.



This beauty has saved the day (or face…) multiple times. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream! It is lovely, it has no scent whatsoever, which I really like in a face cream, it goes on like a dream and doesn’t leave my skin feeling too greasy. I use this both day and night because I always find night creams way too greasy for my skin. The only time I wouldn’t recommend this is if you have really sensitive skin. It has quite a heavy feel when it first goes on (it does eventually sink in) but I think it may just cause people with sensitive skin to break out.



For my hands I have used a trusty favourite! The lush charity pot is cheap and cheerful, easy to apply, smells soothing and doesn’t take a century to sink it. It has hit all the right boxes for a winter hand cream. Also, by buying a pot, you’re doing a little bit of good so hey ho!

Hope you enjoyed ❤


The Lipstick Queen

Happy new year!

I am completely aware that I am very late to the game on this but nevertheless, I hope your 2018 has begun with a positive start and is becoming the year you were hoping for. I have abandoned my blog (since Halloween to be precise) as I have been far too busy and enjoying some much needed time with my girlfriend. However, I am back and ready to get into the swing of things.

I have missed blogging oh so much but decided it was best to come back when I was ready to wholeheartedly jump in!

Today I am talking about something that I believe is fairly new (and very exciting!). A brand called ‘Lipstick Queen’. I had never heard of it before but I was given many a piece for Christmas and I think it is so different to anything I use I thought the old blogging space would be interested.


Can we just take a moment to adoreeeeee this packaging. I am absolutely obsessed with it. It is pretty simple but so effective. All the textures are sleek and velvety and the logo is consistent. Yes, even if the products weren’t amazing, the marketing is absolutely phenomenal. Let’s jump right in…


The Oxymoron Matte Gloss in the shade ‘Minor Crisis‘. IT IS A CRISIS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS! Slight exaggeration, sorry… But seriously, this lip gloss is like no other. Some how it appears and goes on as a matte lipstick. Then, as if by magic, wears like a glossy superstar. I have never had a lipstick that makes my lips look so shiny and photoshopped perfect. Honestly, this was the one I was least excited by but most impressed with. A massive thumbs up… and the colour is gorgeous. It is a dark berry nude… as are all of my lip shades. What can I say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.



The Famous Last Words Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘See Ya‘ (oh my god I love these names). This one is amazing. I like this one because it does exactly what it says on the tin. This brand is quite exciting- it is one for colour changing lipsticks and fun, inventive cosmetics. However, if you want to try out the brand but not a massive fan of the crazy products, then go for this one. They come in classic colours and it is a wonderful texture.


The Frog Prince duo. So these are a colour changing lipstick and creme lush duo. Let us start with the lipstick- it changes with the pH of your skin to create the perfect pink tone for you. YES YES AND YES. I never wear pink lipstick, ever, so I was a bit dubious if it would suit me. But this is one of those shades where it is your lip colour… but better! I love this lipstick and it is perfect when a bold lip just will not do or doesn’t suit the vibe of the event. The creme blush is also a dream. Theres two ways to use this. One way is underneath powder (on top of foundation) to give a really natural pink glow that can be built up with powder blusher! I have worn it this way a couple of times and it has just made my make up and face feel more alive. Another way is to put it on with a BB cream or face tint and have a ‘no make up’ make up look! It is natural but very effective. The two products together are a match made in heaven.



Finally, Lipgloss in the colour ‘Jean Queen‘. It is no secret that I live in denim. Denim jeans, red denim, green denim, denim shorts, denim skirts. I love it all. So when I was given this over Christmas I was extremely intrigued to see if it is the ultimate jean partner. I can confirm, it is a lovely subtle dark red that compliments all of your jean friends. I have only worn this a few times (because my goodness I have a lot of lipstick to be loving! No complaints here) and every time I do I feel very coordinated!

So there you have it… my new obsession. You can find them on Lookfantastic and spacenk or their own website! They have a good instagram page as well to keep up with all their new products. I adore them and I hope you do too!

Let me know what you think


Sleeping beauty… routine

Good evening all!

Tonight I pampered myself to a bit of a sleep time ritual. I wanted to go through a few of my favourite bits for sending me to sleep when the nights are getting a little colder and a whole lot darker…

First up

IMG_3349Camomile cleansing butter form The Body Shop. This is one of my all time favourite products in all of beauty really. I use this every single day without fail to remove my make up with a muslin cloth. It works an absolute dream, leaves my skin feeling fresh and doesn’t make me break out or leave any dry skin unlike some make up wipes in the past! A DREAM GUYS, AN ABSOLUTE DREAM.




Of course, a lush bath bomb. This one is called Autumn leaf and turns the bath a lovely golden orange colour. I am normally a bit more of a calming scent gal at night but this one does have a beautiful perfume rose sort of scent that I could allow for just tonight! It was gorgeous, and I popped on a bit of a podcast to keep me company as I relaxed! (Really digging Giovannas happy mum, happy baby at the moment…)

On to body care

IMG_3351Tonight I reached for the body shops Christmas scent ‘frosted plum’. I LOVE THIS. It is a gorgeous berry scent that isn’t too sickly and sits on my skin perfectly. I love the texture because it isn’t horrendously thick as well. A must for me in the winter.




For the bedside table


These are a few last minute things that I tend to use pretty much every night. They aren’t part of a routine as such but I reach for them mainly during the winter just from the cold weather taking a toll on my skin! I use the almond hand cream for super dry hands and the EVE LOM kiss mix… which is not sticky at all and I love that! It has a touch of menthol as well which is always welcome.



Last but by no means least…


A quick spritz on my pillow to help me sleep…

Goodnight ❤



Pumpkin Spice and all things nice

Good evening ❤

It is officially autumn and I am loving every second of it. I love crunchy leaves when I am walking on the ground and I live for cold days where you can cosy up with a million blankets and a loved one (or loved pet!). One thing I particularly like about this time of year is the gorgeous beauty products you can get that coincide with the weather outside.

Here are my little gems. I am sure you have heard of them all but for those who don’t know… I can break them down for you!

So Body shop have never really jumped on the autumnal bandwagon (well, at least for whilst I worked there they didn’t seem to) but this year I passed this in the window and couldn’t resist! It is vanilla pumpkin spice body butter! They actually have a whole range dedicated to this absolutely amazing scent. Honestly… it is wonderful. It is verging on the sickly side so avoid it if you prefer subtle scents. It somehow captures the snug smell of cinnamon with the sweet smell of vanilla. I really like it. It is going to be one of their Christmas scents so be sure to keep an eye out for it. It comes in a full body care range… YUM.

The second item it Tiaki night cream. I found this in TKMax by complete fluke. It was really cheap (obviously..) and the brand was super cute and only had a few bits of bobs to show. I grabbed this one because the smell is insane. It is like roast dinner herbs meets lavender. That makes no sense… you will have to grab it yourself 😉 if you do manage to find it online to purchase, chuck me the link because I can’t find it for UK delivery anywhere! It is a similar warm smell to The Body Shop oils of life. Also a lovely autumn/winter cream.

Last but by no means least… SLEEPY CREAM. This stuff is a pot of dreams. Now a lot of articles have been saying it knocks you out and helps you sleep wonderfully and I have to admit I haven’t found that personally. However, I have found that the scent is what dreams are made of and I have to resist using the whole put in one week… it is a gorgeous lavender smell but made much sweeter. I dig it.

Thanks guys… I wonder what post to do next time! Love to you all ❤


Bath Bomb Haul!

Evening all!

A few weeks ago (it may even be a month ago… time seriously flies away), some university friends and I decided to go and visit the Oxford street Lush. Now I am a newly found Lushie! I have an obsession with how they make their products smell just so darn good but also how ethically focussed the company are. Whether they are good at marketing or genuinely care, they got me (and millions more) extremely hooked.

So recently I have tried loads from them, from haircare to body care, and a lot of the time, they are hit and miss. However, there is one thing that never fails to relax me or excite me- a good ole’ bath bomb. Here is a little post on a few of the ones I purchased and enjoyed over a few days. I got to admit, when I get them, they don’t last long…(whoops).

Cheer me up, Buttercup!

Is that not just the cutest name you ever did hear! This one struck my eye because it is cute and tiny and also I loved the song build me up buttercup on Singstar (anyone relate?). This one smelt lovely and fizzed away quite beautifully. I used it in the morning and I think that was the perfect time as the citrus undertones were just perfect for waking me up. The little sprinkle of lavender was calming but also looked pretty so why the heck not! I was hesitant to go for this one because it was smaller… but it was priced lower so I say it is well worth it.

Over and Over 

Just as the name says, this one I could use over and over. This bath bomb is unique to any one I have used before because it has a cocoa butter layer. I didn’t get to experience this one as my girlfriend decided it was hers to enjoy (she was generous enough to allow me to grab some snaps before she enjoyed). The cocoa butter oil left a gorgeous honeycomb effect in the water and Rosie said it left her skin ridiculously soft. Another amazing result from Lush!


I have got to admit, out of them all, this one I was least excited for. Yet… IT WAS THE BEST. It had the most refreshing scent I have ever known and it left my bath looking absolutely amazing. I adored the bath the whole time as it kept this gorgeous bright blue colour and I couldn’t get enough of the soft feeling it left on my skin. If I was going to re order any of these bad boy bath bombs it would definitely be this one!

Hope you all enjoyed this little haul! I can’t wait to do another as this is probably one of my favourites to do! AND IT IS ALMOST AUTUMN OH MY GOD I’M SO READY FOR THE WARM SCENTS.


Little splurges

Good afternoon bloggers 🙂

Today I had a big old clear out of all my beauty products. I hate doing it because, even though things that go out of date need to be removed, I always feel like I am missing out on more use from them! However, having this clear out did also inspire me. I realised I have picked up quite a few gems in the last couple of months that I haven’t managed to blog about. So, here I find myself!

The first thing that I have have have to mention is my Kylie Jenner velvet matte lip kit in the shade Poison Berry. Now, I am completely against buying any of these products now because it is so hard to get hold of them in the UK but when I saw this shade it was just so perfect and I thought I had to give this a go! I have to make a little shout out to my girlfriend, Rosie, who bought it for me ❤ She knows how to put a smile on my face!

The lip kit comes with the liner and the liquid lipstick and I have to give it to Kylie, the pigment is better than any liquid lip I have ever used… and that is saying quite a bit! The velvet formula means your lips do not dry out at all and the smell is gorgeous (like a vanilla cream soda). However, the pigment is so good it tends to stain your lips a smidgen. A lot of people always recommend me dupes for Kylie Jenner kits but personally I think she has hit the nail on the head! If you excluded the shipping and the customs you have to pay, it is definitely worth the extra bit of money to me.

The second lot of goodies I got my hands on were the new Hoola lite from Benefit and Dandelion highlighter from Benefit! Can we just take a moment… to thank the Gods… that there is a Hoola shade perfect for my skin tone! It is amazing for a really light contour. I was watching a Tati video the other day where she, truthfully, said that there are some contours that are only for the camera and then there are real life contours! This shade is perfect for a real life contour. It is a very orange based tone but seems to complement my fair skin really well. I also love the little brush it comes with which is the same as the original Hoola! It cuts into cheeks perfectly.

Moving on to the highlighter! The one product I have never really used is highlighter… I never quite understand what it is achieving as I understand bronze is for a healthy glow and all the rest is to enhance features! Personally, highlighter just never suited me. I have tried Benefit’s high beam and I always felt way too shiny. However, this powder highlighter has been a dream for me. It is a very natural finish so if you like powerful glow it may not be for you! But it was just what I needed to ease me into the world of highlighter. I use the bold metals real technique angled brush for this one.

I hope you enjoyed these little splurges! My next post is going to be all about Lush!


Spring Scents

Good evening!

Tonight I thought I would share my favourite spring scents! I am not really a perfume addict but I do like to spritz on a good smell when I remember and normally, when I find a scent I like, I’m hooked for a while.


In this picture I have three scents, some old and some new and some… not quite a perfume but you get the gist! So Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede will always be my number one scent. I have loved it for three years now and honestly I don’t really have words to do it justice. Jo Malone is a hard one to come across in the high streets and shopping centres (all I know is there is definitely one in Bluewater) but if you get the opportunity to get to one, SMELL THIS SCENT. It is hands down the most captivating, gorgeous and addictive scent I know. But you are welcome to challenge this! All suggestions welcome.

The Body Shop White Must L’eau is a newbie to my smellies. This one is new to the product line and is actually quite sweet for me; it has undertones of crisp pear. It is lovely, light and I find it easy as an everyday perfume when I don’t want to use up my Jo Malone. Apart from not lasting an extremely long time, it doesn’t have too many flaws. I did get the eau de toilette and so this may be why it fades quicker. Also, if you do buy this, be cautious as the smell is very different once it settles on your skin. I recommend going for a walk around with a spritz on your wrist before purchasing.

Just for good measure, I have added my favourite Yankee candle of the moment to this blog post. Vanilla and lime is a warm but fruity scent that really lifts my spirits! Also, it was on offer, so I was even more pleased.




Perfectly pressed powder

Good evening!

So recently I have been on the hunt for a really good pressed powder. I have used MAC mineralise skin finish for a couple of years and it was the best coverage I have ever had from a powder. However, it dried my face out so badly that I often had to take a break from using it to just stop the copious amounts of breakouts!

I moved onto a REVLON powder that cost £10.99 (a steep drop from £27) and it was quite good but I did find it clumped around where my concealer was and unfortunately it wasn’t quite the right colour. I then moved onto the Body Shop All-in-one face base. This was £15 and felt lovely and light weight but never gave me enough coverage and sometimes I wondered if it was doing anything at all. But on the other hand I do have friends that absolutely swear by it, so it is definitely worth trying if you’re on the hunt for one!

Then, a few days ago, I came across this!


Retails at 29 euros 

This is the Christian Breton compact powder in Natural 1. Now, I came across this in an outlet store and I wondered what the brand was like (I normally search online and go by the retail price). This brand I could only find as a french website and it seems you can only by it from amazon and it is hard to get in the UK. I decided, considering it was on sale for £6.99, to try it!


The compact is really ‘old school’ and I love the shiny, clean effect it has with the logo just slightly etched in. So far, I am pretty hooked.


Inside the compact keeps a pretty simplistic but elegant look and also gives me the higher end make up vibes! After wearing it all day it has a gorgeous silky feel going on and it seems to last really well. It still doesn’t have that really heavy coverage that my MAC powder gave but personally that heaviness is just not worth the bad skin. I am really impressed with the branding and would be happy to pay the full retail price.

If you can get your hands on this bran, GO FOR IT!


Relaxing beauty

Good evening 

I am someone who is completely obsessed with bubble baths. When my girlfriend isn’t home from university, I have a bath every single night rather than just hopping into a quick shower. There is something about them that relaxes me and lets me take a moment to put my day into prospective.

I have way too many bath products… from The Body Shop to Lush, Boots to Superdrug. I do like more expensive things but do sometimes think the slightly cheaper brands work just as well! In the next coming week I am going to do a big post on my favourite bath products. Today, however, this is just a sneak peak at a relaxing duo that tick all the boxes.


Here I have the Good as New Champneys Heavenly days relaxing warming scrub and bubble bath. The packaging definitely looks like it is going to be a lavender scent but it is a surprising mixture of different essential oils. The warming scrub is really good if you apply it to dry skin and then wash it off in the bath and the bubble bath (if you like LOTS of bubbles) is just SO AMAZING. It bubbles up with the tiniest amount (roughly a teaspoon) and they last well!

Some extras to add to your bath if you want the full relaxing experience includes a candle (obviously). The one in the picture is Candy Cane Lane by Yankee Candle but my new favourite Spring scent is Vanilla Lime! Also, try putting on some chilled out pop songs; theres a particular playlist on Spotify for it and I always put it on in the bath! Finally, take a book in with you and really relax yourself, it is a great way to escape whatever stress or chores you have rolling around in your brain.