Holy grail- muslin cloths 

Hey guys

Recently I bought the most amazing cleansing oil. I was sick and tired of scrubbing at my face with make up wipes because it would leave it so sore and irritated. So, in my most recent Boots Haul (see my other post!) I purchased a Loreal extraordinary oil- IT IS AMAZING. It melts my make up away instantly and I will never go back to wipes! I mainly love the fact that there is no mess involved which I think a lot of people expect with removing make up by oil. It took some getting used to but once I had done it a few times the process is a dream and I actually look forward to using my oil at the end of the day!

However, the oil wouldn’t be as amazing as it is if it wasn’t for these little beauties! They are wonderful. They are so soft and gorgeous on my face and so easy to wipe across my face without leaving it sore. They can also be washed so easily and they are cheap and cheerful at only around £2 for decent ones! These ones are from The Body Shop- They really are amazing quality. They are my holy grail for this month and I can imagine they will definitely be making my favourites blog at the end of the month. It is so lovely to stumble across something that changes your cleansing routine for the better and I wanted to share it with you guys incase it could be an answer to some of your problems too!

Let me know what else you guys use to remove your make up!



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