Eye Shadows – Comparisons

Hey everyone!

I decided, because of my ridiculous collection, it is time to do a post about eyeshadows (one I have wanted to do for some time!).

I love eyeshadows. I didn’t really become obsessed with them until about two Christmas’ ago when I got the Mac Shimmerwave pallet. I love how much they can change your look and the vast collections of them!

This post will compare a few of the ones I own at the moment and how I have found them.






This is the Mac Shimmerwave in green! Also the first eyeshadow I completely fell in love with! The colours are really pigmented and this is the first one that I have actually managed to finish. These ones have a really strong shine to them and can last all day. I used to work really long, unsociable hours and these eyeshadows were an absolute lifesaver for staying on during my shifts. They also come in blue (below) and I think in purple and plum. They are quite pricey at £35 when, in life size, they are rather small, but one lasted me a whole year! So, if you are looking for really good quality I definitely recommend them.







From Mac also, here is one of their new editions they bought in this Christmas. I love this pallet, the brush is amazing quality and the pallet has a great mirror- I love a pallet with a good mirror… it makes things so much easier! The colours are slightly more dark than I would usually go for… but sometimes you have to go for a bit of change!

The next eyeshadows I want to compare are the Revolution Pallets. These ones are a lot cheaper and are great if you love variety. They don’t last very long but £16 for all three of these pallets mean it doesn’t really matter. They truly are the meaning of cheap and cheerful and I love these different sets!

They can be bought in any Superdrug and online. They are perfect for people trying eyeshadows for the first time. The large picture at the bottom is my favourite pallet, I am quite boring and love the nude shades at the moment. However, I also love doing bright pink and blue looks with matching eyeliner- it really depends on what your own style is!

Finally, I have a pallet that isn’t pricey but isn’t that cheap either. I like this pallet but they are not that pigmented- so, in my opinion, spend a little more if you have the budget and get much better turnouts! Here is the Nudes Pallet! I do use it and like it, but as I said, not sure if this is worth the higher price point for not that better than the Revolution pallets.

Thank you so much for reading and I would love to have some recommendations on what my next pallet should be!


6 thoughts on “Eye Shadows – Comparisons

  1. stashy says:

    Eye shadows are my FAVOURITE! I can’t get enough.
    Since you’re in the UK, I think you should get a Sleek palette next! They have lots of options and are super pigmented and affordable.


  2. Naomi Rowan says:

    For the price, it’s worth giving collection eyeshadow a go! Its lasted me over a year so far and I use it probably every other day or every third day! Cheap and cheerful if you’re low on money


  3. Adryana says:

    I have three eyeshadow palettes- Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette, The Balm Nudetude, and Revolution palette with crazy neon colours. Depending on the season I use first two more. During summer I mostly use Nudetude palette 👌
    The high end eyeshadow palettes may cost more but they stay longer on too. Less worry, you know? 😊


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