Sleeping beauty… routine

Good evening all!

Tonight I pampered myself to a bit of a sleep time ritual. I wanted to go through a few of my favourite bits for sending me to sleep when the nights are getting a little colder and a whole lot darker…

First up

IMG_3349Camomile cleansing butter form The Body Shop. This is one of my all time favourite products in all of beauty really. I use this every single day without fail to remove my make up with a muslin cloth. It works an absolute dream, leaves my skin feeling fresh and doesn’t make me break out or leave any dry skin unlike some make up wipes in the past! A DREAM GUYS, AN ABSOLUTE DREAM.




Of course, a lush bath bomb. This one is called Autumn leaf and turns the bath a lovely golden orange colour. I am normally a bit more of a calming scent gal at night but this one does have a beautiful perfume rose sort of scent that I could allow for just tonight! It was gorgeous, and I popped on a bit of a podcast to keep me company as I relaxed! (Really digging Giovannas happy mum, happy baby at the moment…)

On to body care

IMG_3351Tonight I reached for the body shops Christmas scent ‘frosted plum’. I LOVE THIS. It is a gorgeous berry scent that isn’t too sickly and sits on my skin perfectly. I love the texture because it isn’t horrendously thick as well. A must for me in the winter.




For the bedside table


These are a few last minute things that I tend to use pretty much every night. They aren’t part of a routine as such but I reach for them mainly during the winter just from the cold weather taking a toll on my skin! I use the almond hand cream for super dry hands and the EVE LOM kiss mix… which is not sticky at all and I love that! It has a touch of menthol as well which is always welcome.



Last but by no means least…


A quick spritz on my pillow to help me sleep…

Goodnight ❤



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