Bath Bomb Haul!

Evening all!

A few weeks ago (it may even be a month ago… time seriously flies away), some university friends and I decided to go and visit the Oxford street Lush. Now I am a newly found Lushie! I have an obsession with how they make their products smell just so darn good but also how ethically focussed the company are. Whether they are good at marketing or genuinely care, they got me (and millions more) extremely hooked.

So recently I have tried loads from them, from haircare to body care, and a lot of the time, they are hit and miss. However, there is one thing that never fails to relax me or excite me- a good ole’ bath bomb. Here is a little post on a few of the ones I purchased and enjoyed over a few days. I got to admit, when I get them, they don’t last long…(whoops).

Cheer me up, Buttercup!

Is that not just the cutest name you ever did hear! This one struck my eye because it is cute and tiny and also I loved the song build me up buttercup on Singstar (anyone relate?). This one smelt lovely and fizzed away quite beautifully. I used it in the morning and I think that was the perfect time as the citrus undertones were just perfect for waking me up. The little sprinkle of lavender was calming but also looked pretty so why the heck not! I was hesitant to go for this one because it was smaller… but it was priced lower so I say it is well worth it.

Over and Over 

Just as the name says, this one I could use over and over. This bath bomb is unique to any one I have used before because it has a cocoa butter layer. I didn’t get to experience this one as my girlfriend decided it was hers to enjoy (she was generous enough to allow me to grab some snaps before she enjoyed). The cocoa butter oil left a gorgeous honeycomb effect in the water and Rosie said it left her skin ridiculously soft. Another amazing result from Lush!


I have got to admit, out of them all, this one I was least excited for. Yet… IT WAS THE BEST. It had the most refreshing scent I have ever known and it left my bath looking absolutely amazing. I adored the bath the whole time as it kept this gorgeous bright blue colour and I couldn’t get enough of the soft feeling it left on my skin. If I was going to re order any of these bad boy bath bombs it would definitely be this one!

Hope you all enjoyed this little haul! I can’t wait to do another as this is probably one of my favourites to do! AND IT IS ALMOST AUTUMN OH MY GOD I’M SO READY FOR THE WARM SCENTS.


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