Little splurges

Good afternoon bloggers 🙂

Today I had a big old clear out of all my beauty products. I hate doing it because, even though things that go out of date need to be removed, I always feel like I am missing out on more use from them! However, having this clear out did also inspire me. I realised I have picked up quite a few gems in the last couple of months that I haven’t managed to blog about. So, here I find myself!

The first thing that I have have have to mention is my Kylie Jenner velvet matte lip kit in the shade Poison Berry. Now, I am completely against buying any of these products now because it is so hard to get hold of them in the UK but when I saw this shade it was just so perfect and I thought I had to give this a go! I have to make a little shout out to my girlfriend, Rosie, who bought it for me ❤ She knows how to put a smile on my face!

The lip kit comes with the liner and the liquid lipstick and I have to give it to Kylie, the pigment is better than any liquid lip I have ever used… and that is saying quite a bit! The velvet formula means your lips do not dry out at all and the smell is gorgeous (like a vanilla cream soda). However, the pigment is so good it tends to stain your lips a smidgen. A lot of people always recommend me dupes for Kylie Jenner kits but personally I think she has hit the nail on the head! If you excluded the shipping and the customs you have to pay, it is definitely worth the extra bit of money to me.

The second lot of goodies I got my hands on were the new Hoola lite from Benefit and Dandelion highlighter from Benefit! Can we just take a moment… to thank the Gods… that there is a Hoola shade perfect for my skin tone! It is amazing for a really light contour. I was watching a Tati video the other day where she, truthfully, said that there are some contours that are only for the camera and then there are real life contours! This shade is perfect for a real life contour. It is a very orange based tone but seems to complement my fair skin really well. I also love the little brush it comes with which is the same as the original Hoola! It cuts into cheeks perfectly.

Moving on to the highlighter! The one product I have never really used is highlighter… I never quite understand what it is achieving as I understand bronze is for a healthy glow and all the rest is to enhance features! Personally, highlighter just never suited me. I have tried Benefit’s high beam and I always felt way too shiny. However, this powder highlighter has been a dream for me. It is a very natural finish so if you like powerful glow it may not be for you! But it was just what I needed to ease me into the world of highlighter. I use the bold metals real technique angled brush for this one.

I hope you enjoyed these little splurges! My next post is going to be all about Lush!


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