Spring Scents

Good evening!

Tonight I thought I would share my favourite spring scents! I am not really a perfume addict but I do like to spritz on a good smell when I remember and normally, when I find a scent I like, I’m hooked for a while.


In this picture I have three scents, some old and some new and some… not quite a perfume but you get the gist! So Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede will always be my number one scent. I have loved it for three years now and honestly I don’t really have words to do it justice. Jo Malone is a hard one to come across in the high streets and shopping centres (all I know is there is definitely one in Bluewater) but if you get the opportunity to get to one, SMELL THIS SCENT. It is hands down the most captivating, gorgeous and addictive scent I know. But you are welcome to challenge this! All suggestions welcome.

The Body Shop White Must L’eau is a newbie to my smellies. This one is new to the product line and is actually quite sweet for me; it has undertones of crisp pear. It is lovely, light and I find it easy as an everyday perfume when I don’t want to use up my Jo Malone. Apart from not lasting an extremely long time, it doesn’t have too many flaws. I did get the eau de toilette and so this may be why it fades quicker. Also, if you do buy this, be cautious as the smell is very different once it settles on your skin. I recommend going for a walk around with a spritz on your wrist before purchasing.

Just for good measure, I have added my favourite Yankee candle of the moment to this blog post. Vanilla and lime is a warm but fruity scent that really lifts my spirits! Also, it was on offer, so I was even more pleased.




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