Perfectly pressed powder

Good evening!

So recently I have been on the hunt for a really good pressed powder. I have used MAC mineralise skin finish for a couple of years and it was the best coverage I have ever had from a powder. However, it dried my face out so badly that I often had to take a break from using it to just stop the copious amounts of breakouts!

I moved onto a REVLON powder that cost £10.99 (a steep drop from £27) and it was quite good but I did find it clumped around where my concealer was and unfortunately it wasn’t quite the right colour. I then moved onto the Body Shop All-in-one face base. This was £15 and felt lovely and light weight but never gave me enough coverage and sometimes I wondered if it was doing anything at all. But on the other hand I do have friends that absolutely swear by it, so it is definitely worth trying if you’re on the hunt for one!

Then, a few days ago, I came across this!


Retails at 29 euros 

This is the Christian Breton compact powder in Natural 1. Now, I came across this in an outlet store and I wondered what the brand was like (I normally search online and go by the retail price). This brand I could only find as a french website and it seems you can only by it from amazon and it is hard to get in the UK. I decided, considering it was on sale for £6.99, to try it!


The compact is really ‘old school’ and I love the shiny, clean effect it has with the logo just slightly etched in. So far, I am pretty hooked.


Inside the compact keeps a pretty simplistic but elegant look and also gives me the higher end make up vibes! After wearing it all day it has a gorgeous silky feel going on and it seems to last really well. It still doesn’t have that really heavy coverage that my MAC powder gave but personally that heaviness is just not worth the bad skin. I am really impressed with the branding and would be happy to pay the full retail price.

If you can get your hands on this bran, GO FOR IT!


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