Relaxing beauty

Good evening 

I am someone who is completely obsessed with bubble baths. When my girlfriend isn’t home from university, I have a bath every single night rather than just hopping into a quick shower. There is something about them that relaxes me and lets me take a moment to put my day into prospective.

I have way too many bath products… from The Body Shop to Lush, Boots to Superdrug. I do like more expensive things but do sometimes think the slightly cheaper brands work just as well! In the next coming week I am going to do a big post on my favourite bath products. Today, however, this is just a sneak peak at a relaxing duo that tick all the boxes.


Here I have the Good as New Champneys Heavenly days relaxing warming scrub and bubble bath. The packaging definitely looks like it is going to be a lavender scent but it is a surprising mixture of different essential oils. The warming scrub is really good if you apply it to dry skin and then wash it off in the bath and the bubble bath (if you like LOTS of bubbles) is just SO AMAZING. It bubbles up with the tiniest amount (roughly a teaspoon) and they last well!

Some extras to add to your bath if you want the full relaxing experience includes a candle (obviously). The one in the picture is Candy Cane Lane by Yankee Candle but my new favourite Spring scent is Vanilla Lime! Also, try putting on some chilled out pop songs; theres a particular playlist on Spotify for it and I always put it on in the bath! Finally, take a book in with you and really relax yourself, it is a great way to escape whatever stress or chores you have rolling around in your brain.


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