Spring loves

Hi Everyone!

I hope your Easter was absolutely amazing and there is now far too much chocolate in your life. I haven’t posted in a while and really want to get back to keeping on top of this blog as I always miss it when I am away for too long ❤


So here are some little treats I have been loving from Sanctuary. They came in a cute gift set of three and it included a foaming bath milk, a body wash and a body lotion. Funnily enough, these scents always seem to work their way into my routine around Christmas but the smell works so well for spring!

The only way I can explain the scent is almost like a spicy orange.  I love spicy scents and this one is quite special because doesn’t just remind me of Christmas time but just has a little hint of that special time of year (I struggle to leave Christmas behind!).

The gift set I can’t seem to find anymore but in drugstores like Boots the large versions of each individual product is available.

The foaming bath milk isn’t really any different or better than the other products I have but, again, it is the scent that really stands out for me! The body wash however is great if you have dry skin! It has a gorgeous gel-like texture and within the formula has beads that are meant to dissolve and release essential oils. I will admit this wash does feel particuarly luxurious and I will probably go out and buy the big one when I run out! Finally, the lotion is lovely- it has a nice, runny texture but sinks in nicely without leaving my skin greasy.

Altogether, they are a wonderful trio and I would definitely recommend them for a spicy spring treat! I am on the eye out for some more body sets so please comment and tell me what to get/ leave links of articles on your own blogs that might help me out!



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