Lush bath bomb sale

On New years eve I popped into my local Lush shop and found some amazing deals in the sale. I found some bath bombs and decided it would be a good idea for a blog post- including pictures which is always fun!

The first one I purchased is called ‘Santa Baby’. This one is quite a sweet scent but I didn’t find it too overpowering. I also love love love the concealed colours 🙂

The colour was a gorgeous mermaid green and I was really impressed with how concealed this was! The surprise element of lush is always fun and when it pays off, it PAYS OFF. I was happy to soak in this with the freshest of scents wandering around the bathroom.

This next one I purchased was called ‘autumn leaf’! These colours were quite summery but regardless they were beautiful once it set off fizzing!

One thing I really liked about this one was, once the fizzing had calmed down, the bath was left quite a calm colour. The colour was a beautiful amber and really helped me unwind and relax!

The next bath bomb is ‘Never mind the Ballistics’. This is a regular favourite of mine and I must admit I have purchased it a few times!

This one is quite similar to the one above but it has a slightly more ‘fun’ vibe! It was a fast fizzes and left the room smelling scrumptious! If you are in to sweet scents I would definitely recommend this bath bomb.

Finally, we have ‘Lord of Misrule’.

I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH. Not only is the smell to die for, but the colours were absolutely mind blowing. In the pictures above it doesn’t seem that impressive but then I waited a few minutes and this happened…


It is gorgeous! It reminds me of the beautiful Lush adverts they have on their website and I was proud that I managed to replicate what the staff manage in the stores!

I hope you enjoyed this little dedication to the good old fashioned bath bomb.


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