The holy peel

Good evening everybody!

Today I was really excited to get the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel from The Body Shop! As you have probably gathered from my blog already I love The Body Shop products and everything that they have to offer. I think their general ethic and all around attitude is just amazing for the beauty business. This particular product I picked up today has been a bit of a craze on every single beauty sphere I follow- peels! When I think of peels I imagine the charcoal masks that dry into a film on your face that you can then peel off. These peels however are a lot different. This peel (£16) is a smooth, gel-like texture that you rub onto the skin until clumps form. These clumps are all the dirt and grime of the day encapsulated into the product (gross… yet so satisfying). The Drops of Youth range is typically for the first signs of ageing but honestly the product’s smell is so refreshing and it leaves my skin so smooth I do not care!

To go with my peel I also grabbed the Drops of Youth concentrate (£26) which has the same silky texture and lovely smell but this one actually absorbs into the skin (no gross clumps here!). I love this range and I think it will make a lovely addition to my skincare regime. I just ran out of my most recent moisturiser so I am going to give this concentrate a trial as a moisturiser on its own due to how soft it leaves my skin!

I plan to give you all an update on how well it works! (The liquid peel launches in UK Body shops on Saturday!)



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