Lots of presents under the tree

Good evening all of you beautiful people!

So it is officially the New Year and the festivities are over and done with! I can’t believe how quickly this year sped by and that 2017 is now upon us.

I didn’t blog immediately post Christmas as I think everyone is relaxing at that point in time and no one wants to read anything. Instead, we munch our way through the Christmas leftovers. This Christmas I was absolutely spoilt rotten! I loved all of my gifts and had a wonderful time with my family and loved ones.

One particular trend in my Christmas goodies were these beauties… candles. I always have a candle or two on my desk and in my room as I love the ambience they give. They truly warm me from the inside out! One thing I love about these goodies is that they came in a wonderful variety. When I put them on my Christmas wishlist I thought everyone would opt for the classic Yankee but I was mistaken!


From left to right we have; Mulled wine by Next, Festive Cocktail by Yankee, Cranberry and vanilla by Wax Lyrical, Prosecco Rose by New Look and Coastal Walk by M&S. They all smell absolutely amazing and I couldn’t believe my family and loved ones managed to get me such a lovely array of smells! My favourites have to be Mulled wine as it just has that absolute perfect Christmassy touch. It is very spicy but not too much… just the right amount. My second favourite is the Coastal Walk. It is very fresh and has more of a spring feel to it but by the time I get round to burning it, it’ll probably be 2018 so hey ho!

Now for the fun part. I have been itching for this; make up.

Being a student now means I can’t always go off to the shop and buy whatever new beauty trend I fancy… I have to take my time and budget. It is very dull but in a few years I will be back to spending all of my spare pennies on beauty- trust me. This Christmas I was very lucky to receive lots of beauty goodies and I must admit it is all thanks to my girlfriends lovely Mother who listened to all my beauty rambles and got me some wonderful gifts! So this part of the blog is a massive thank you.


Here we have a few of the lovely buys; these were the make up treats I received. Firstly, the ever so beautiful Stila naturally nude liquid lipsticks (what a mouthful), then the Pixi waterproof eyeliner, Bobbi Brown eyeliner and of course the original beauty blender. What I love most about these gifts (and what really gets me excited) is that they are all brands I have never used! I am so excited to be able to test and trial these out and see what these big brands have in store for me! I can’t wait to do a ‘Look of the day’ blog with this new beauty blender!


Here we have my beauty treats! Firstly, can we appreciate how gorgeous Snow Fairy is. I have been dying to try it and now I finally can. I did use this on Christmas day and can safely say it is absolutely gorgeous. Eve Lom kiss mix is this easy blend lip balm that has a lovely menthol finish to it- definitely would recommend for anyone with dry lips! Finally, the Nuxe body and hair oil. It has a smell that really lingers, in a good way! It is a bit like Joe Malone perfumes- never leaves you!


Finally, here is a picture of the lip sticks close up… because they are just so pretty! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you the best wishes for your blogging 2017!




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