Christmas specials!

Good evening everyone!

I am so excited that this time of year has finally come rocking around as I absolutely love the beauty product opportunities. I adore most of the products brands come up with but I also love spending this time of year with family and those special people in my life!

I thought I would do a cute post about three products that are my favourite seasonal buys. I must admit, I haven’t got much for myself this time of year but more just for everyone else! You have to treat yourself sometimes aye.


The first product is a bath bomb– this is only a very recent craze in my beauty regime. I love some of the bath bombs but at the same time I hate the amount of stuff they cram into them! This particular one from lush, golden wonder, makes the bath a beautiful turquoise colour that is to die for! The scent is also gorgeous and when I just want a bit of time to relax, the little gold stars hidden inside make me feel all warm and festive inside.

The second product is Zoella’s Hungry Hands. I did mention this in a recent post and I have to admit I am still in admiration of it. I love spicy scents at Christmas time and this hand cream is exactly that. It isn’t too pricey either which makes it 100 times more attractive at this busy time of year.

Finally, The Body Shop Frosted Berries lotion is a sweet treat for my skin. It is a really sweet and overpowering smell so if you are not a fan then stay away. Personally, it has just the perfect amount of sweet and sour for me! They also come in spiced apple and vanilla chai.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities!


10 thoughts on “Christmas specials!

  1. charandtheweb says:

    I’d usually choose Lush over the Body Shop but that Frosted Berries lotion looks heavenly. I can imagine it smelling fantastic. Spice Apple sounds like something I’d like too. Great selection, Christmas specials are fantastic! I remember when the Body Shop had their Christmas vanilla body lotion. It was fantastic!

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