Hey guys!

Where is this year going! I honestly cannot believe that it is already September and soon I am off to university! But before then, I have some August delights to share with you. This month hasn’t been a massive spend fest for me so I haven’t had many new introductions to my regimes. But I have managed to find a few newcomers that have managed to make me feel good and smile.



The first product is my Hand Food hand cream by Soap and Glory. I really love this hand cream just because the scent is to die for. It has a gorgeous sweet lime scent along with marshmallow (yum) and Shea Butter. I love the feel of the hand cream because it isn’t greasy and sometimes that can be a challenge with a hand cream. I don’t have particularly dry hands so I can’t preach for the effectiveness of the cream but for £2.50 it can’t be too bad!

The Pinita Colada Sorbet from The Body Shop is something I have only been using very recently. It is a lot lighter than their creams and has a lovely cooling effect! The scent isn’t too strong of coconut but more of pineapple so a lot fresher than I was expecting. It is perfect for a very hot day which England has been experiencing a lot of for once.

The next product is Kiehls Daily reviving concentrate. I have used this product for well over a month. I put a few drops into my moisturiser in the morning and it has an amazing ginger scent! I love it! As for what it does for my skin, I can’t really say but it feels amazing and wakes me up nicely in the morning (sorry if this was slightly anticlimactic !)

The Body Shop makes another appearance with the Daily solution from the Tea Tree range. I find it hard to use Tea Tree on my skin because it just causes such an array of dry patches to breakout on my face. This little one however is brilliant for when I am having an oily day. I pop three drops on my fingers and then spread it around my face before my moisturiser and it just mattes my skin out for the rest of the day.

Finally, I have a mascara! This one is Lash Impact by No. 7. I love it! It has a gorgeous brush that really separates my lashes and it is good to put on your bottom lashes too and stops the black from the mascara running down half of your face. It is rather pricey for a high street brand but I had a voucher and was persuaded whilst shopping with my Mum!

Thanks for reading everyone, those were my August favourites!



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