Face Mask Heaven

Good evening Beautiful people!

Tonight I am very excited to post about the AMAZING NEW The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face mask (and four others that are all launching tomorrow!). I have tried a few samples of this amazing face mask and the others that are all coming out tomorrow and i was very excited to do a blog about them!


Firstly, the packaging is just gorgeous. The Body Shop are going through a massive re- package of everything and that includes all the new products coming out with this new, simplistic design and I absolutely love it!


So this mask is so so so harsh on the skin but I really like my face masks to draw everything out of my pores and this one has been perfect for that ( I would not recommend it for sensitive skin as it can be quite stingy and make the eyes water!). One of my favourite things about this mask is the amount it dries. The packaging advises to use this mask 2-3 times a week and leave on for 5-10n minutes. I always leave my mask on for longer as I want the whole thing to really dry up and get to the point where, if I smile too wide, it cracks!

The whole range of masks are absolutely beautiful and, as I said up top, they laugh tomorrow in England!


This is the mask about 10 minutes after applying it! As you can see, the mask goes rock solid in places and I just love masks that really feel like they are activated on the skin!

The other masks launching are

Chinese Ginseng and Rice
British Rose
Ethiopian Honey (20% honey!)
Amazonian Acai


Thank you so much for reading this guys! And happy masking 🙂


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