Hey guys!

So as some of you have noticed I love love love The Body Shop. The main reason for this is because I am just so involve with the scents, the packaging, the companies ethos and the British feel of the place.

So, in honour of my love for the products, I decided to do a MASSIVE body shop haul.


These are all the lovely products I purchased today. I tried to stay to Bodycare more then skincare and makeup as I have already done quite a few posts on them things.

So the first thing that caught my eye was the Wild Argan Oil Body lotion. I love this scent- it is so warm and rich and truly reminds me of luxury. I went for the lotion over the body butter because I find them so easy to put on after a shower and they hydrate my skin just as well. I also picked up the solid miracle oil from this range. I went for a solid oil because I rarely see these and think it would be lovely to try. Again, the smell is the same warm one and it feels really buttery so shall be fun to try!

The next product I chose is the Coconut body milk. I went for this because it is in a spray! I think this is such a practical element to a body moisturiser and I find it is so nice and light. (The smell is also exactly like holiday so another plus!).

I also picked up the Camomile cleansing butter. This butter is to die for! It is such a fresh, light scent and the texture is just gorgeous. I have used this product before and it just melts the make up away and leaves you feeling really revitalised. I also know this is big on the blogging world as well and I have to say that I completely back this product and its wonders!

I also have a bit of make up (I couldn’t resist). The Down To Earth quad in brown is a perfect mix of light but pigmented colours and also has some dark tones too. I love this new packaging and at only £15 I thought it was really good value for four eyeshadows. Another great thing about these new pallets are that the colours individually click out of the pallet! So, if you buy more than one, you can switch and change what ones you fancy! Great for going away. I also bought the brush to match as it has amazing precision.

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to post me your favourite product from The Body Shop and any questions you have!

Thanks guys



4 thoughts on “THE BODY SHOP HAULLLL

  1. beautybygigi says:

    I need to try the camomile cleansing butter! I keep meaning to and forgetting to actually buy it 😀 I love that you can click the eyeshadows out too! So useful! Great post xx


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