Bargain or Baloney

Hey guys!

This is another segment I want to begin! It involves me taking cheaper products and saying whether they are worth the buy or baloney compared to its more expensive counterpart. I hope you enjoy.

Today I wanted to share a bit about these cheeky summer buys that I got today at Superdrug. I went in with absolutely no intention of buying anything but these caught my eye and I also think they are really really cuteeeee.


So from left to right there is the Tanya Burr matte lip in shade Martha Moo (cutest shade ever), Puppy Paws (cutest name ever!) and Baby Lips by Maybelline! I haven’t tried any of these before I have only ever tried matte lipsticks from other brands and a few of Baby Lips balms but not their lip glosses.

Firstly, the lip gloss I just completely fell involve with by off chance. It is a really lovely colour (which you can’t see very well in this picture, sorry!) called Taupe With Me. So, quite obviously, a really lovely taupe. I love it! I’m not really one to love lip gloss because sometimes I feel they are more for much younger girls (about 10) but I have realised they are a major craze at the moment! This one is a lovely light beige sort of colour and isn’t sticky at all! Which is an absolute pet peeve of mine so I am sooooo glad. This lip gloss and the rest of the COLOURS is a definite BUY.

The matte lip glosses I had heard of. I watch Zoella quite a bit and she mentioned Tanya Burr had given these as a present. I was in Superdrug and the stand caught my eye. What I absolutely loved loved loved about these products is the packaging. I thought the tube was adorable and the little gold cap, eeeeeeep! The Martha Moo shade is beautiful and I still have to try the Puppy Paw. I bought it to try out a baby pink look I was planning on doing for a post in the future (so I shall show you and let you know what I think of that one then!). I tried on the Martha Moo today and I found it went on lovely and came out really pigmented! It is quite a sticky consistency and does rub off onto things like mugs and cups BUT it isn’t drying which, if you have tried matte lip glosses before, you will know is a bloomin’ god send!! So this one I am a bit stuck for, it is a definite BUY for me but if you like the more expensive brands that stay on like spray paint then this one may be a baloney!

The price of these three were £11 on Superdrugs 342! I was really really happy for this price considering some products of this quality could be put at such a high price point!

Thanks for reading!


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