Comparisons- Real Techniques brushes



I was never really into make up brushes…

So welcome to a make up post! My previous post was all about skincare (as that is my main obsession at the moment) but I wanted to start up doing a segment that I will be calling Comparisons and for the first one I thought these brushes would be a great starting point.

As I said above, I was never that interested in Make up brushes I used only one brush for all of my make up products (yeah I know… blusher and powder… the same brush… yeah) and until I started following beauty blogs and working for a beauty brand I didn’t think anything of it. One brand that everyone was particular interested in was Real Techniques- a brand made by two sisters. I love that fact… I do not know why. But enjoy that fact of the day!

I had some Mac brushes and some cheaper brushes from places like Boots and The Body Shop. My first time trying the Real Technique brushes was actually because my girlfriend ,Rosie, bought them for me! They were the bold metals collection (a set of three). At first, I couldn’t get the hang of them AT ALL… but then, after about a week, I watched some tutorials and found my own flare for them and that was it… I was hooked! However, I do still use my other brushes but now I can just delegate particular brushes to particular products.

I found that they were really good for some things but still, considering the price point, I don’t think, when you buy them individually, they are worth such a substantial amount! However, they are absolutely amazing for lasting! I have never had one bristle fall out and when you clean them they are absolutely sparkling clean! (So well done to the girlfriend, she chose wisely!)

In the picture above, these are the things I bought from Superdrug earlier this week! I loved the idea of having a pallet and a cleaner specific to the range of brushes I have and so many bloggers have recommended it! It was on a 342 so I also got the brushes… I felt it was justified…


I’m planning on letting you all know how good the pallet and the cleaner is! Let me know what your opinion on the Real Techniques products are.



14 thoughts on “Comparisons- Real Techniques brushes

  1. ellieedx says:

    I love Real Techniques brushes, I have the sculpting brush and the face brush, I also have the concealer brush but I don’t think that one is very good. I have the same cleaning stuff too and I think they’re brilliant, clean the brushes really easy and pretty quick 🙂 x


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