So as my first post ever I wasn’t quite sure what I should do. I really enjoy reading what other people think of beauty products but I also really enjoy seeing what other people decide to buy without knowing what the product is like! I love seeing how our minds choose some products over others and why we steer towards certain brands. Therefore, I decided to go for something quite bog standard on the ole’ internet blogs… a Boots haul!


I am not really much of a regular shopper at Boots. I occasionally shop there and at Superdrug for the odd bit and bob but I definitely am more of a branded store shopper rather than someone who goes into a large store and buys whatever they fancy. However, a couple of days ago I decided to pop into Boots and see what was on offer. I was after a cleansing oil that would take off my make up rather than using the standard make up wipe. I found SO MANY oils because they truly seem to be a trend right now. I ended up finding one from Loreal that seemed to do exactly what I needed ( I mainly needed one for the eye make up as I always find that a struggle to get off without a wipe!).


£50 later and I walked out with far more than what I walked in for! I ended up purchasing this lot!



So here are all my goodies! (From left to right) The Yesto Cucumber face wipes, the Super Facialist cleansing oil, the Sanctuary Spa Hot face cleansing polish (with a cotton cloth included), the Loreal Extraordinary oil, the Loreal Pure Clay mask with red algae, the Batiste tropical dry shampoo and the Yesto Cucumber daily moisturiser.

I have begun using them all! So far it is too early to tell if they are making my list of favourites apart from the Loreal extraordinary oil! THAT STUFF IS AMAZING. It feels gorgeous going onto the skin and just melts my eye make up away without any mess. It also has this really warm scent to it which makes it perfect for the end of the day before bed!

That is all for now… I will be sure to give you a low down on how I found all these products. First post complete! ( Links below incase you want to check any of this out)





12 thoughts on “BOOTS HAUL

  1. mattiemakesmayhem says:

    Awesome, see, I’m more of a ‘going into drugstore and seeing what I can find’ girl so it’s interesting to hear other people’s opinions and see what they get. I’d love to hear how you get on with these products in the future X


    • emilyjaneward says:

      Hey! Yeah I must admit i enjoyed my experience of doing so ha ha! Yeah I shall do another review post on all of the products as so far they are fabulous and such good price!x


      • mattiemakesmayhem says:

        Going to a drugstore when there’s no time limit is like my favourite thing in the world. I love the value of the products. Yes, sometimes you get a dodgy product, but generally the quality is very good x


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